Tips to Avoid an Air Conditioning Repair

When summer approaches, air conditioning tips and advice become a popular request from our clients. As experts in Albuquerque air conditioning installation and repair, Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. is the best source for HVAC tips and maintenance recommendations. Our best advice: prevent an AC repair with these three tips on preparing your air conditioner for summer use. 1. … Read More

Tips for Deciding Between HVAC Repair and Replacement

Trying to decide whether it’s a better idea to repair your damaged HVAC systems or replace them completely? These five points should guide you in making the best decision for your circumstances. 1) Cost of repair You’ll want to start by looking at the cost of the repair before you consider anything else. A system that’s damaged badly enough may … Read More

5 Ways an Efficient Air Conditioner Pays Off

Wondering if a newer, high-efficiency air conditioner is worth the effort it for your home or business? Consider that a highly efficient air conditioner typically has a SEER rating of at least 14.5 in order to qualify for the coveted Energy Star label. Your savings begin the moment you make the purchase! If you’re still on the fence about whether … Read More

Why a Swamp Cooler Might Be Right for You

With summer approaching and 80-90 degree days along with it, there is no better time to make sure you have the cooling unit you need to get through the Albuquerque spring and summer months. Not only is Albuquerque hot in the summer, but it’s dry too. That’s why an ideal cooling solution for your home could be a swamp cooler. … Read More