5 Reasons Savvy Homeowners Install Mini-Split Systems

Mini-split ductless systems have become increasingly popular with home owners in recent years, but if you don’t know much about them you may not understand why. This well-tested and growing alternative to centralized HVAC systems offers a number of advantages well worth the initial investment, included but not limited to:

1) Efficiency. The most obvious advantage of a mini-split ductless system lies in the pure efficiency of the design as a result of each room being targeted independently. If you’re looking to cool off just one room in the house, for example, your living room, this is a great option!

2) Versatility. It can be difficult to install central air in some buildings, and there are plenty of limitations for particular building features, like window units for example. Ductless mini splits work in a far wider array of scenarios.

3) Comfort. Because of the room-by-room nature of mini-splits, you’ll always be able to tailor the temperature of a room to its occupants; no more fighting over whether the air is ‘on’ or ‘off’ for the house. Control each room separately as needed.

4) Upkeep. Duct-based HVAC can involves a lot of upkeep if you don’t hire a professional. Ducts need to be kept clean and clear to maintain efficiency and air quality, as any obstruction can lead to reduced air flow, or compound into additional problems.

5) Air quality. If you’re combating allergies, especially ones such as dust or mold, then you’ll greatly appreciate the difference with a ductless solution. The advantage only compounds if you, like many home owners, don’t otherwise invest in adequate duct cleaning and filter swapping.

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