The Roman and Greek civilizations were using radiant floor heat as far back as 500 B.C., but obviously the complexity of the materials and installations has changed dramatically since those days.

The cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) tubing we are now using is rigorously tested and is very dependable, backed with a 25-year warranty. PEX tubing has an oxygen barrier that prevents air from entering into the tubing and boiler system which causes rust, corrosion, and eventually leads to a breakdown. The brass manifold and fitting provide years and years of trouble free service.

Radiant heat is clean and healthy, you don’t have dust particles circulating in the air as you would with a furnace blower. It also frees you from the noise of forced air and having to worry about where to place furniture because of registers on the floor. Radiant floor heating requires very little maintenance because there are no filters to change, fan belts or blower to service and no ducts to clean. It is also very popular with new home buyers and can increase home values.

Another great feature is the control you have with radiant heat. Multiple thermostats let you control rooms individually and even shut off rooms that are not being used without affecting the performance of the system. People find that with warm floors they can keep their thermostats at a lower temperature such as 68 degrees rather than 72 degrees with forced air systems.
We have highly a trained and experienced radiant heat crew that will be happy to speak with you about your radiant needs, including high efficient radiant boilers and controls to provide you the very best in home comfort.