How to Save Energy While Heating and Cooling Your Home

While Albuquerque is known to have some of the best year-round weather in the United States, the constant cooling and heating of your home can significantly hike power bills. As we near winter, nights can become freezing and yet, the warm sunny days may have you turning on your air conditioning. In such a season where people find themselves heating and cooling at different times of the day, new solutions need to be sought that will reduce HVAC system costs. Here are few ways you can reduce the cost of your Albuquerque HVAC and pay lower power charges.

1. If your home has a wood or gas burning fireplace, ensure that you close the damper if not in use. You will prevent air escaping from your home through the chimney which can lower overall temperatures.

2. If you have installed an AC window unit, be sure to place it in a window that is well-covered by shade. This could be a fence, another building, or near trees. Installing it in direct sunlight can affect the unit’s compressor-condenser which will heat up and release warm air—definitely not what you want for an air conditioner! As for other units, you can close blinds and curtains to prevent entry of solar heat into the home.

3. You can also weatherstrip your house to seal in air. Consequently, you will prevent the much needed warm or cool air from escaping your home. Your furnace or air conditioner systems won’t need to be run as often if you’re making sure the air stays inside. Also be sure that your home is well insulated. If you experience frigidly cold nights, there’s a high likelihood you have an insufficient or faulty insulation either on your windows or walls.

4. Employ a programmable thermostat that will regulate temperatures. If nobody is in the house during the day, there’s no reason to waste energy. Instead, set a timer that will turn on the heater or cooler just before you get home. You will not only get to settle in comfortably, but you will have also saved on energy costs!

5. Finally, remember to close doors and windows of unoccupied rooms since they consume a lot of a HVAC system’s energy. Ductless heating systems can solve this problem as they can be set to affect particular rooms.

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