Why Summer is the Perfect Season for Furnace Inspection

Believe it or not, summer is the perfect season to have your furnace inspected, serviced, and cleaned. We know it’s probably the furthest thing from your mind as we swelter in the summer heat and crank up the air conditioning, but waiting until the nights grow cooler and you actually need your furnace isn’t a very smart idea.

When you hire professional Albuquerque HVAC technicians for a furnace inspection, the service should include:

• Cleaning the furnace system
• Airflow and duct seal testing
• Flue inspection
• Burner and pilot light inspection
• Lubrication and inspection of moving parts
• Thermostat and control testing
• Safety and carbon monoxide tests
• Temperature zone testing.

Less waiting time for an appointment

Waiting until the autumn months to have your furnace serviced means that you’ll be competing with everyone who waited until the last minute and you’ll have to wait for your appointment. The technicians will not only be busy with more maintenance appointments just like yours, but will also be performing furnace installation and doing furnace repair work as well, and most likely will be harder to schedule. Scheduling a furnace inspection during the summer means that you’ll get an appointment that’s convenient for you.

Financially plan

Finding out that your furnace needs serious work or even replacement ahead of time while you’re not relying on the heating system because it’s summer gives you time and opportunity to financially plan for the furnace repair or replacement. It also gives the service company time to gather the proper parts and materials for the job as well. If there are any furnace or duct parts that are showing signs of wear and tear, finding them early will save expensive and inconvenient furnace repair calls during the winter months.

The perfect time of year to address your furnace maintenance needs

Mid to late summer is the perfect time to have your furnace inspected, cleaned and, if necessary, serviced or replaced. During this time of year, there is little chance of cold weather setting in, which gives the technicians ample time to do a thorough inspection and make any furnace repairs necessary before you need to warm up your home, avoiding any days that you have to be without your heating system. Don’t wait to schedule your furnace appointment until it’s too late and the temperature starts dropping.

Call us today to get your summer furnace repair or replacement booked and reap the rewards when the weather gets colder!