How to Protect Your AC During Colder Months

Albuquerque summers are famously punishing, and an air conditioning system is a virtual necessity during the warm months. However, as the cooler months settle in, you may find that your central air conditioning system is finally getting a bit of a rest, especially at night. Even if you find that you don’t need to fire up the HVAC at all, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to worry about it. In fact, it is during times of disuse that most maintenance problems tend to emerge. Follow these quick and easy steps in order to ensure that the next time the temperatures rise, your AC unit will be good to go.

Complete The Shutdown

The leading cause of AC malfunctions after an idle period is outdoor elements such as moisture, debris, and insect infestations. Although your AC unit is built to function in all kinds of weather, there are certain steps you can take to further protect it from the elements. The first step is to make sure that it is completely powered down if it is not going to be in use. This step will not only save you money on electricity but ensure that any automatic starts and stops won’t cycle water through the system. Standing water can stay in the system to mildew or even freeze inside the unit.

Should You Cover The Unit?

Although some recommend covering the unit with plywood or a tarp when not in use, be very aware of the potential hazards that come with covering your unit. While there may be a measure of protection from debris that may enter the unit or unwelcome insects who may wish to nest there to flee from the cold weather, tarps have been known to accumulate moisture even in warmer weather. A specialty cover that is manufactured specifically for your unit may be the best bet.

Check Periodically

Once your unit is powered down, covered, and secured, you should still check on its status at least monthly to make sure that the cover is still doing its job and to clear out any debris that has found its way into the unit. If you need any help doing this, your friendly neighbors at Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning can make sure that your heating or cooling systems are ready to go year-round.