Benefits of Seamless Gutters

Thompson HVAC – Blog_Benefits of Seamless Gutters Your home is your castle, and you want to do everything you can to protect it. That’s why you should consider installing seamless gutters which are designed to custom-fit your home and offer several benefits over traditional ones. Thompson Heating & Air Conditioning is the first company in Albuquerque to start installing seamless … Read More

Upgrade Your A/C for Summer

Upgrade Your A/C for SummerIs your cooling system more than a decade old? As a general rule, most air conditioners are built to serve at least 10 years. After that, they cease working as efficiently as when they were first installed. When this happens, they tend to require frequent repairs—and the consequential maintenance costs can become quite expensive. Alternatively, your … Read More

Why Isn’t My Swamp Cooler Working?

When you’re at home in the summer, you want to stay cool, but it can be a nightmare if your swamp cooler isn’t working! Maybe it’s not blowing air, or even worse–blowing hot air. If you are having issues with your swamp cooler system, you’ll want to call in someone with experience to fix it. At Thompson Heating and Air … Read More

Swamp Cooler vs. Central Air

Living in the desert Southwest, it can be difficult to decide which is better for your home or business: evaporative cooling or central air. In our latest blog, we’ll break down the differences between each to help you make the best choice for your needs and preferences! Swamp Coolers in New MexicoReplying on a swamp cooler to cool your Albuquerque … Read More

Three Reasons to Have Your AC Unit Inspected

Having your home’s HVAC system inspected annually is as beneficial as regularly changing the oil in your car! Keeping your air conditioner running smoothly throughout the spring and summer will help your family stay cool and lessen the chances of unexpected repairs. Here are three reasons why you should have your Albuquerque AC unit inspected by professionals: Save EnergyWhen scheduling … Read More

Bringing Down Your Energy Bill in the Summer

With the temperatures soaring outside, it’s no secret that we stay cool inside our homes by cranking up the AC. But the increase of using our cooling systems also means an increase in our bills. So, how can we keep cool all summer long while maintaining our energy bills? Here are some tips on how to bring down your bills … Read More

How Can I Safely Clean My AC Unit?

A home’s AC unit is a precious appliance, especially for us desert dwellers experiencing consecutive days of dry heat in the midst of the Albuquerque summer. Because an air conditioning unit works overtime during the summer, it’s important to regularly check and perform maintenance on your unit so that it can sustain the proper temperature and air flow throughout your … Read More

How Does Sheet Metal Fabrication Work?

Sheet metal fabrication is the process used to skilfully turn a sheet of metal into an end product that can be used to build or maintain machines or structures. It is a highly important service needed in many industries, with applications that can range from acting as key components in your laptop to pipes that keep your air conditioner flowing, … Read More

Preparing Your AC for Summer in Spring

Warm and sunny days are finally here, but before we know it, summer will be here too—along with the scorching New Mexico heat! Maintaining your AC unit is crucial for keeping your home comfortable during the hot days of summer. Throughout the winter, our air conditioners sit and collect debris and dirt. It’s important to do a small checkup in … Read More

Getting Your HVAC System Ready for Fall

It first starts as a simple chill in the early morning, then before you know it—it’s time for fall again, and soon we’ll have to switch over from our cooling systems to our furnaces. Albuquerque can surprisingly bring in some inclement weather, but if your furnace is in working order and you’ve done everything you can to keep up with … Read More