Why You Should Have Your Swamp Cooler Inspected

Albuquerque HVAC Thermostat

Spring is here, and it’s time to turn on your swamp cooler and keep your house cool. Before you turn on your swamp cooler this season, you’ll want to have your swamp cooler inspected to ensure that it’s in optimal condition and ready to provide high-quality performance throughout the season. At Thompson Heating & Air Conditioning in Albuquerque, our expert technicians can perform a comprehensive inspection of your swamp cooler and recommend any repairs needed to ensure your system works throughout the spring and summer. Learn more about why you should have your swamp cooler inspected by a professional. 

Find any Potential Problems 

One of the best reasons to have your swamp cooler inspected this season is to find any potential problems. Spring is a great time to schedule an inspection, as any problems that an inspection reveals can be fixed before it becomes too hot outside. Our technicians can discover any issues caused by rust, check that the motor and fan are working, ensure there are no leaks, provide a thorough cleaning, and more. 

Extend Life and Improve Performance 

Having your swamp cooler inspected on a yearly basis can also extend its lifespan. Problems with your swamp cooler may not be immediately apparent and can cause issues to build up over time. By getting your swamp cooler fixed and repaired in a timely manner, you can get ahead of potentially bigger issues in the future and may save you money on those repairs. An inspection can also improve the performance of your system, as performing tasks like changing the cooling pads can help push colder air into your home. 

Improve Airflow and Air Quality 

When you turn on your swamp cooler, you want to ensure that it’s providing sufficient airflow with good air quality. An inspection can reveal possible airflow problems that can be caused by blocked vents or worn-out parts that need to be replaced. The technician can also find potential issues that can cause poor air quality and bad odors if they find that there has been stagnant water on the unit for an extended period of time. 

If you need your swamp cooler inspected, call Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule your service. Not only do we provide inspections and repairs, but we can also replace your swamp cooler with a brand-new unit. Call us today at (505) 884-2675 to get help from the pros in Albuquerque!