Tips to Improve Your Air Conditioner’s Performance

With the dog days of summer just around the corner, our air conditioning units – and our own ability to withstand Albuquerque’s heat – will be put to the ultimate test. Here are five tips for maximizing the efficiency and performance of your air conditioner.

1. Use a ceiling fan whenever you can

With the availability and custom controllable features of an A/C, it can be easy to forget about ceiling fans. However, if your home is equipped with any ceiling fans, use them when and where you can! Not only will they save your A/C the unnecessary work, but they’ll also help to save you money on your energy bill.

2. Change A/C filters at regular intervals

Don’t forget to change your A/C filters. You should check filters monthly. For most households, the filter will need to be changed every two to three months, however, it can vary greatly due to a number of factors. Changing the filter is a small and easy step that can make all the difference in your air conditioner’s performance. Don’t forget that dust can clog up the A/C unit and prevent it from working properly, so it’s best to get an professional Albuquerque HVAC technician in to change these regularly.

3. Consider installing window film

Window film or tint applied to the inside of your windows is a smart investment, because not only will it keep heat out in the summer, but it will keep the cold out in the winter.

4. Try programming your thermostat

Remembering to change your thermostat before/when you leave the house can be a challenge with the chaos of our daily lives. Try investing in a programmable thermostat to do the job for you!

5. Keep your A/C out of the heat

Avoid overworking your A/C as much as possible for unnecessary reasons or inefficient placement of the unit. Keep outside units in the shade; and keep objects – such as a television or computer – that produce lots of heat away from the thermostat.

Be sure to remember that even with these five tips, sometimes air conditioners will need the help of a professional. With 24 hour emergency service, Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning is here for all your Albuquerque air conditioning needs!