Tips to Avoid an Air Conditioning Repair

When summer approaches, air conditioning tips and advice become a popular request from our clients. As experts in Albuquerque air conditioning installation and repair, Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. is the best source for HVAC tips and maintenance recommendations. Our best advice: prevent an AC repair with these three tips on preparing your air conditioner for summer use.

1. Check Your Air Conditioning Filters

An air conditioner cools your home by chilling and blowing the cooled air through the air ducts. The air filters serve to allow a free flow of air throughout your residence; without dust or debris. Dust and debris in the air become trapped in your air conditioner’s air filters. Professionals recommend cleaning or replacing the air filters at least twice per year to keep your air conditioning unit in good working order.

2. Clean the Condenser Coils

Don’t be intimidated by this task. Most amateurs can easily complete this chore. Many air conditioning repairs can be avoided if the homeowner keeps their condenser coils clean. First, make sure your AC is not running. That is a safety requirement! Next, remove the winter/off-season cover, tarp or another protection device. The condenser coil resembles a fan with a protective grille covering it. The goal is to ensure the coils are free of debris, such as twigs, leaves, dirt, etc. Unscrew the grill, remove large pieces of debris and brush away built up dirt or residue. Call an expert in Albuquerque if you are concerned about do-it-yourself cleaning.

3. Check the Coolant Lines

This is a pivotal step in keeping your home cool all summer. The coolant lines connect the evaporator on the air handler to the condenser outside. They provide the refrigerant that chills the air to cool your home. These lines are typically covered in a foam insulation and need to be inspected for cracks, frays, and missing pieces. If you find any damage to the coolant lines, you can repair them with either foam insulation tape or insulation sleeves.

When in doubt, call your Albuquerque, New Mexico air conditioning installation and repair specialists: Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. We will keep you cool all summer long!