Three Reasons to Have Your AC Unit Inspected

Having your home’s HVAC system inspected annually is as beneficial as regularly changing the oil in your car! Keeping your air conditioner running smoothly throughout the spring and summer will help your family stay cool and lessen the chances of unexpected repairs. Here are three reasons why you should have your Albuquerque AC unit inspected by professionals:

Save Energy
When scheduling an HVAC maintenance appointment, the technician will tune-up your unit, make sure all the parts are working properly and replace your air filter. According to the Department of Energy, replacing your air filter can reduce your home’s energy consumption up to 15%! It’s no joke that keeping our air conditioners running all day long brings up our energy bills—but you can easily save on those monthly costs with a quick fix like a cooling appointment!

Extend the Life of Your HVAC System
Our air conditioners work quietly behind the scenes and we can tend to forget about them. Another reason to have your AC unit inspected is for the chance to have a certified technician to check on how everything is functioning and let you know ahead of time if you may need repairs. Replacing small parts can help extend the life of your air conditioning
unit and is much better than waiting until a bigger issue pops up.

Stay Comfortable
It’s recommended that your AC unit inspection should be scheduled around the springtime—offering you greater peace of mind that once the summer heat hits you can stay cool. Everyone is likely to schedule an inspection as the hot days come, so be sure to beat the rush and stay comfortable in your home!

The professionals at Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning in New Mexico are here to help with all your air conditioning needs, and our technicians can help make any adjustments needed for your home! Schedule an appointment today!