What Home Buyers Should Know About Furnaces

There are several aspects to consider when buying a new home in Albuquerque such as its size, nearby facilities and proximity to public transit, to name just a few. Notably, reviewing the safety and condition of a furnace is among the top ten considerations when purchasing a property. However, a lot of first-time homeowners do not often make checking out the furnace a priority, despite the fact that it is an essential safety concern and a tremendous resource to your new home.

Nevertheless, it’s imperative to have this information and decide whether you need a furnace repair or replacement so that you can factor in this cost before moving in. So, how can you learn about your furnace’s condition? Here are questions you should be asking and things to check.

Get to know the age and quality of the furnace

While an average furnace will last between 13–20 years, this is dependent on many factors. The heat unit age of the furnace, its maintenance record, the local climate, and the furnace’s manufacturer are all factors to bear in mind. The longer the furnace has been used, the less lifespan remains. Once it passes the 10-year-old mark, it is time to start thinking of a furnace replacement. Furthermore, ask how many times the furnace is serviced annually. Scheduling regular tune-ups and changing filters will extend the lifespan of a furnace. This information will enable you to understand how long the furnace will likely serve you if you decide to buy the home.

Ask for a furnace tune-up

If you want to know whether the furnace is working efficiently, the simplest way is to turn it on and see it in action. The tune-up will inform you of any ruptures or leaks that could pose safety concerns for your family.

Ask when the furnace was last checked

To get a full answer to this, ask the existing homeowners for checks and reports. The records will inform you of the furnace’s inspection history. A qualified heating contractor like the ones we have here at Thompson Heating & Air Conditioning in Albuquerque can perform these checks for you. If it is red-tagged, then there might be a problem. You can also ask the contractor about the exact problem and whether a repair or replacement is appropriate.

As a service, we are ready to help you enjoy your stay in a new home. If you need to book an Albuquerque furnace repair, service, or installation, contact us today for more details!