Swamp Cooler vs. Central Air

Living in the desert Southwest, it can be difficult to decide which is better for your home or business: evaporative cooling or central air. In our latest blog, we’ll break down the differences between each to help you make the best choice for your needs and preferences!

Swamp Coolers in New Mexico
Replying on a swamp cooler to cool your Albuquerque or Rio Rancho home is a great option, since they are especially effective in our dry and hot climate.

Swamp coolers work through the process of blowing hot air over cool water which causes evaporation—hence the name, evaporative cooling! The evaporated air then gets sent into our home to cool it down. Swamp coolers main requirement is a small amount of electricity to run the fan which helps to blow the hot air over the water and throughout a room or home. They also need a water source to ensure the pads are always properly soaked. They are a great alternative to a traditional central air system, and use a fraction of the electricity.

When the days start to cool down and winter is approaching, it’s important to winterize your swamp cooler to help it stay protected from potential snowfall and ice. A professional HVAC specialist, such as the team at Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning will also remove any leftover water that wont be used. This is an important step to take to ensure no rust, corrosion, mold, or mildew develops while the unit is not in use.

Benefits of Central Air
Air conditioning units work by pulling out the hot air in your home and providing refrigerated air through your vents. Typical AC units tend to use a large amount of electricity, but many newer models are equipped with higher levels of efficiency—and depending on your home’s unit, they can help save you money through its electricity usage, or even give you control of which rooms you’d like to cool.

Much like swamp coolers, refrigerated units need regular maintenance such as replacing the air filter, cleaning the exterior condenser, and protecting it from elements once winter hits. As the colder months approach and you start to use your AC unit less and less, it’s important to shut off the unit entirely, cover it properly, and check it periodically to
ensure debris doesn’t gather inside the unit. If you are unsure of how to properly shut down your unit, always be sure to contact a professional HVAC company such as Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning for help.

If you are unsure of which cooling unit is best for your home, trust in the professionals at Thompson Heating and Air
Conditioning to provide the knowledge, care, and tips to help you save money and keep your home cool!