Why a Swamp Cooler Might Be Right for You

With summer approaching and 80-90 degree days along with it, there is no better time to make sure you have the cooling unit you need to get through the Albuquerque spring and summer months. Not only is Albuquerque hot in the summer, but it’s dry too. That’s why an ideal cooling solution for your home could be a swamp cooler. Swamp coolers use the evaporative cooling technique, and are perfect for the Southwestern United States.

What is evaporative cooling?
It’s more common than you might think. If you’ve ever stepped out of a swimming pool and felt a breeze cool you down, you’ve experienced evaporative cooling. Swamp coolers are able to use this cooling reaction to lower the temperature in your home.

A swamp cooler is a cooling unit, but it doesn’t work the same as a standard air conditioning system. A standard AC unit uses a set of coils, and a refrigerant – like Freon. Air is compressed by the coils, and distributed throughout the house circulating time and again through the AC unit, shuffling the hot air outside.

It’s also important to note that a standard AC units need the windows and doors of the building to be closed in order to keep hot air out and cool air in at all times. Swamp coolers, on the other hand, rely on air flowing through the house. Hot, dry air evaporates the water, which leads to cooling. Opening and closing windows in different areas of the house controls the airflow and the temperature.

If you’re partial to more humid climates and enjoy using a cool humidifier in your home for added moisture during the spring and summer seasons, a swamp cooler may be the perfect way to get the best of both worlds. Distribute water vapor throughout the house, working as a humidifier while cooling your home.

Swamp coolers are also cost-effective. They don’t cost much to build or install. Monthly operating expenses can be favorable, too, depending on electricity and water costs. The big savings come from the use of electricity – a standard AC unit can use as much as four times the amount of energy that a swamp cooler would use, but you do need to consider the amount of water you may use in its place.

With warm weather coming to Albuquerque, now is the best time to have a swamp cooler installed! Contact us today at Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule your appointment!