Why Swamp Cooler Installations Should be Done by Professionals

Beating the dry summer heat that plagues Albuquerque this time of year can only be done with the aid of a swamp cooler. Swamp coolers are able to increase the level of humidity inside of the house, which is ideal for the semi-arid deserts that make up New Mexico, or for those that just prefer to have a little extra humidity in their homes.

The installation of a swamp cooler may seem like an easy task for those who love DIY projects, but it can be rather complicated to do it efficiently. The initial savings from doing it yourself are obviously very tempting, but it can cost you more money if you botch your installation. Below are a few reasons why you should stick to getting a professional to install your swamp cooler.

Going in with the right plan

Basing the plan of attack to install the swamp cooler is not as easy as looking up YouTube videos. An amateur may want to jump right in and begin to plug in everything, but a real professional will draw up an in-depth plan to safely make the installation. Once a plan is created, the execution of it will be quick and smooth with a lower chance of failure.

Saving money on your electricity bill

When a swamp cooler installation is done correctly, the airflow will be very efficient and thus help you save more energy and, in turn, money. If the cool air has trouble distributing around the house, then you will only want to turn it up and waste more electricity without reaching the desired temperature.

Getting the right fit

Googling the correct swamp cooler installation parts to get may seem easy, but mistakes can be made and you may end up with poorly fitting components. A professional will be able to evaluate your existing fittings so that you will have the correct parts. They will also be able to suggest any other elements or accessories that will help with the installation.

A follow-up service plan

The swamp cooler installer will also be able to bundle in a long-term service plan to make sure that the installation is providing you with the desired results. They will be able to check for air leaks, check for failing or incorrectly installed parts, and they will be able to make upgrades if desired.

Considering the above, it may be in your best interest to invest the extra few bucks in using a professional Albuquerque HVAC service, such as the experienced team at Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning! We’ll help you choose the best swamp cooler for your home and budget, and even offer 24 hour emergency services. Give us a call today to get started!