Stay in Cool Comfort with AC Repairs and Installs

The heat is here and it’s just going to get hotter! That means your air conditioning system will be running full blast on these hot Albuquerque days. It also means you should check the AC system at your home or business to ensure it is in excellent shape and can run at full capacity, so that you can stay cool without interruption.

You may have turned on the AC and decided that it is time for some repairs or even a whole new system. Leave it to the professionals, whether you need maintenance or a new AC altogether.

Checking Your Air Conditioning System

Even though the heat is here already, it’s not too late to make sure your AC is in good shape. Call Thompson Heating & Air Conditioning for maintenance tasks such as:

  • Changing the filters
  • Clearing debris from the outdoor condenser
  • Inspecting the ductwork
  • Inspecting the compressor for damages
  • Cleaning the supply vents and return grills
  • Inspecting the condensate-removal system
  • Ensuring the thermostat works
  • Turning the system on for a trial run

Our experts would be happy to conduct a full system check for you.

Albuquerque Air Conditioning Installation

If you have an old AC system, you may decide it is time for an upgrade. The technicians at Thompson Heating & Air Conditioning will do a thorough evaluation to determine if you should get a new unit or not. If you do choose to have a new system installed, we only install systems from the most trusted companies in the industry!

AC Repair, Replacement, and Servicing

With an older system, there can be a variety of problems: you may need to repair or replace the insulation on damaged pipes to prevent cooling loss, a broken compressor fan may need replacing, or there may be refrigerant leaks. Timely repairs and maintenance will keep your system running in the most energy efficient way possible while saving you money. However, there comes a point when you get tired of the constant need for repairs, and that’s the time for a brand new system.

The technicians at Thompson Heating & Air Conditioning are the experts in HVAC services in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas. Our certified technicians have been providing top-quality heating and air conditioning installation, repairs, and maintenance for over 50 years! Don’t get caught unprepared in the heat this summer. Call the professionals at (505) 884-2675 to schedule an appointment for air conditioning installation or repair.