From low-volume prototypes to high-volume production, multiple industries require custom-made parts to complete a machine or structure. By converting files into a series of codes, a specialty machine then uses forming tools, such as brakes, punches, and dies, to precisely cut and form various metal parts—this is known as sheet metal fabrication. Throughout New Mexico, Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning has long been the leading provider of sheet metal fabrication services, specializing in the retail and contractor markets. If you’re searching for high-quality parts with a rapid-turnaround delivery, your search ends here—with Albuquerque sheet metal fabrication from Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning!

The Sheet Metal Advantage

Sheet metal fabrication may be a complex process, but its advantages are simply amazing. From customization to varying metals, features, and increased longevity, choosing Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning for all your metal fabrication needs in Albuquerque will result in the following advantages:


Sheet metal fabrication processes produce highly durable parts that are proven effective for functional prototypes or end-use production.

Material Selection

Different parts require different metals. At Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning, you can choose from a variety of metals, such as galvanized steel, paintlock, copper, and aluminum, all with varying ranges of strength, conductivity, weight and corrosion resistance.


Whether you need a single prototype or 1,000 of them, our specialized process allows us to meet your demands.


Customize your part by choosing from a variety of finishes, such as anodizing, powder coating, painting, and more.


Using the latest fabrication technology and forming tools, we’re able to quickly provide our clients with instant quotes and completed parts.

Quality, Customized Products

Whether you require a specific part or need help creating one, the technicians at Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning will expertly design, code, and construct the perfect process to produce your part, including:

    • Cooler Flashings
    • Cooler Elbows
    • Cooler Stands
    • Local Vents (both flat and pitched)
    • Ductwork (to include lined)
    • Flashings
    • Goosenecks
    • Dampers
    • Transitions
    • Offsets
    • Saddles
    • Starting Collars
    • Canales
    • Collector Heads
    • Furnace stands

Albuquerque’s Sheet Metal Fabrication Experts

Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing Albuquerque with trusted services and solutions since 1963, and now, we’re ready to serve you and your business! We have a fast-turnaround for custom cooler elbows, flashings, stands, plenums, and ductwork, and we also stock all sizes of pipe elbows and fittings. Additionally, we fabricate spiral pipe stocking sizes 4″ through 24″ rounds, and stock many gauges of metals for customizing orders.

You demand quality—we deliver!

Trust the experts at Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning for all your sheet metal fabrication needs in Albuquerque. Get started today and give us a call!

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