Remember to Tune-up Your Furnace for Winter

Now that Albuquerque homeowners are embracing the winter season, most are striving to stay warm while keeping energy costs low. The mild weather change during this time of the year is often the best opportunity to save on energy costs. You can put on a sweater if need be, but if you can take advantage of these few weeks by forgoing either heating or cooling, you will realize the lowest utility cost all year.

You’ll have to use your furnace ultimately, but it should be professionally tuned for the season before use. There are several reasons you need to tune up your furnace in readiness for the cold season apart from saving on costs.

Safety – A minor furnace malfunction may result in worse consequences than mere discomfort in your home. For instance, if the heat exchanger has a crack, it may leak deleterious carbon monoxide. Such gases can harm your home’s occupants, a major reason you should perform a pre-season tune-up.

Longer furnace life – If you are diligent in tuning up your furnace each year, it may add years to its original lifespan. Average furnaces have a lifespan of about 15 years, but yours may last for over 20 years if you take excellent care of it.

Maintaining cleanliness – During summer, most furnaces collect dust which can produce a foul odor throughout your home. Conducting a quality tune-up will ensure all moving parts are lubricated and the furnace is cleaned correctly.

Early intervention – A tune-up aims at catching small problems that could become significant breakdowns when you need heat the most. A small furnace repair in each season is quite cheap and can prevent mechanical failures as well as give invaluable warnings when your furnace is approaching the end of its life.

Efficiency – Some of the steps involved in a tune-up significantly contribute to increasing the effectiveness of your furnace. In some ways these actions can even reduce the energy cost incurred and save you money all season long.

Warranty protection – If you recently acquired a new furnace, its warranty may be contingent upon prompt, professional maintenance. Perform those yearly tune-ups and let your warranty cover you in the event that something does go wrong.

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