Preserving the Life of Your HVAC Unit

Nearly every home in the United States uses a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning — or HVAC — unit to stay comfortable during summer, winter, and stuffy seasons. HVAC units are expensive, necessitating homeowners to take preventative measures to ensure they run efficiently and effectively for long periods of time.

That said, many homeowners are not well informed about the steps they can take to preserve the life of their HVAC units. Fortunately for you, the Albuquerque HVAC experts at Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning have a few tips for maintaining your HVAC unit for long-term effective use.

Be nice to your HVAC

Being nice to HVAC units does not include verbally complementing it on how hard it works. Homeowners need to make it easier on their HVAC units to ensure long, effective working lives.

Close windows in your home that allow cold air to rush in during summer months and refrain from propping outside doors open for longer than necessary. If your HVAC unit is in air conditioning mode and your family members get too cold, turn the HVAC unit off. Don’t use space heaters, electric blankets, or other heating elements to regulate temperature. All these contribute to making HVAC units work harder than necessary, causing them to work less effectively for fewer years.

Replace air filters frequently

HVAC unit and air filter manufacturers provide recommendations on when to replace air filters. Always replace in-home and HVAC unit air filters as frequently as your manufacturers require. To ensure long, effective lives of HVAC units, homeowners may benefit from changing out used air filters more frequently than what HVAC and air filter manufacturers recommend. Replacing them isn’t free, but is oftentimes exponentially cheaper than replacing the HVAC unit itself.

Hire professional cleaners for regular HVAC maintenance

Most homeowners are not experienced with HVAC units, and that’s OK. If you are one of the many homeowners who aren’t HVAC professionals, consider hiring an expert to regularly service your HVAC unit. Trained HVAC professionals following manufacturer recommendations run through lengthy checklists to increase the likelihood of long-living HVAC units.

If you’re ready to start taking better care of your HVAC units, give Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning a call today! We’ve been providing customers with professional, reliable, and exceptional service since 1963!