Preparing Your AC for Summer in Spring

Warm and sunny days are finally here, but before we know it, summer will be here too—along with the scorching New Mexico heat! Maintaining your AC unit is crucial for keeping your home comfortable during the hot days of summer. Throughout the winter, our air conditioners sit and collect debris and dirt. It’s important to do a small checkup in the springtime so when you go to turn it on in summer, you’ll know it’ll provide you cool air when you need it most!

If you find that your air conditioner needs a thorough checkup or maintenance, making an appointment with a professional Albuquerque HVAC company is recommended!

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with some common fixes, and what you or your HVAC technician can do to prepare your AC for the summer.

Air Filters
Air filters can become blocked with debris and dust from your home, and should be changed at least twice a year to ensure you get the best air flow from your AC unit. Depending on the type of filter your home has, it may even need to be replaced monthly for highest efficiency! If you are unsure about the type of air filters your AC unit has or how to replace them yourself, call Thompson Heating & Air Conditioning for expert AC repairs today!

Condenser Unit
Your air conditioner condenser is located outside your home and has coils and fan blades that will need to be cleaned of dirt, leaves, and other debris that’s been collecting throughout the winter. Fan blades need to be wiped clean and freed of any obstructing items such as leaves or twigs. If the coils are clogged, they need to be unclogged before you plan to run your air conditioner or your air flow will be minimized! Schedule a service with us if it looks like your unit needs a checkup and a deep cleaning!

Test It Out
After the long winter months, if your unit looks ready to go, do a trial run to ensure it’s running at max efficiency! Start off on a low setting, test the air flow, and see if it reaches the desired temperature from your thermostat. If it doesn’t seem to be running properly, we have 24/7 emergency services!

When the Albuquerque heat hits, air conditioning units are crucial to our comfort, and in order to cut down on unwanted emergency repairs in the dead of summer, be sure to regularly provide maintenance to your unit! If you are unsure about these steps and you would rather a professional prepare your AC unit for you, schedule an appointment with Thompson Heating & Air Conditioning in ABQ today!