What You Need to Know About AC Installation in Albuquerque

Hiring a professional team of Albuquerque HVAC technicians to install or repair your air conditioner helps guarantee that everything will be done flawlessly and the air conditioner will provide many years of comfort. Failure to hire a professional means that you risk having to deal with recurring repairs, worthless warranties, and possibly even local code violations.

Here at Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning, we want you to know what to expect if you are getting a new air conditioner and encourage you to continue reading to learn more.

Installation Day
As far as your air conditioner’s life is concerned, this will be its most important day. The process followed when installing the AC will lay the groundwork for all its future use. If by any chance this process gets compromised, then be prepared to deal with recurring problems in the future.

To start with, you will want to make sure that you have hired a reliable and professional HVAC company to install the system for you. It will be the only way to ensure that you won’t have problems later on.

Permit Pulling
When there is substantive work being done on your unit, the contractor should obtain certain city permits. The purpose of the permits is to notify the city of the planned work, as well as to alert your neighbors that the property is undergoing some maintenance work that may pose some danger. Do not work with contractors who choose to ignore this important rule.

New Mexico state laws are very strict when it comes to permits, and failure to observe them could cost you in terms of having to deal with legal ramifications. You want to ensure that you have hired a contractor who will remain professional and follow the law, a contractor who insists on getting permits for all repairs and installations.

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