Are Mini-Split Ductless Systems Right for You?

A mini-split ductless system is a perfect solution for those with areas in their home that are problematic when it comes to temperature control. A mini-split ductless system in Albuquerque can have many benefits and provide the comfort you want throughout the year.

The benefits of a mini-split ductless system

If you already have a dedicated air conditioner or HVAC unit and wish to improve circulation to other areas or need to provide circulation in a singular area, then a ductless mini-split system is the perfect solution to your problem! The system allows you to control air conditioning and heat to each room individually. This is perfect for families that have a difference of opinion regarding the perfect indoor temperature.

One of the greatest benefits of a mini-split system is that they’re easy to install. A professional, licensed company can connect the system to your already existing unit or they can install a ductless system to accomplish full temperature control of your residence or business. You don’t have to have a major installation project to see incredible results! This system is quick and easy to install and keeps your home comfortable all year.

A ductless system can also help save you money. Since these systems utilize less power and concentrate cooling very specific areas of your home or business, you won’t be wasting money cooling unoccupied rooms.

A mini-split system is a simple and effective way to create a comfortable environment throughout the year without tearing up walls or creating a headache during the installation process. Call Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning in Albuquerque today for more information about prices and services offered in your area.