What to Know Before Buying a Swamp Cooler

The principle behind modern swamp coolers goes way back to ancient Egypt. Back then, homeowners would hang wet cloth over doorways and windows to cool incoming air, and royals would have their servants fan them from across containers of cool water. Swamp coolers use the same principle by adding cool moisture to the surrounding space. So how do you decide if a swamp cooler is right for you? Read on for tips from our Albuquerque swamp cooler experts!

Should I get a swamp cooler?

Swamp coolers are more efficient in environments with humidity averaging below 60 percent. However, many people in high humidity zones opt for swamp coolers as well.

One can install a cooler in aerated spaces such as docks, bays, and the garage, and they are very handy for outdoor events such as festivals and backyard cookouts. If the cooler is to be used inside, it should be installed next to a window.

What size should I get?

The size of the swamp cooler that you get shouldn’t just depend on your budget. A small cooler will actually end up costing you more if it has to cool a large area. A Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning expert can advise you on what size swamp cooler you should get, depending on the size of the home you would like to keep cool.

How do I maintain a swamp cooler?

A window-mounted cooler needs maintenance before you start using it each summer. This includes changing the moisture pads, cleaning the pump, and oiling the motor. When summer is over, more maintenance is needed to prevent degradation by rust. Drain off excess water from the cooler and its supply pipe and cover it with a dry material.

Some additional tips to enhance your cooler’s performance

A swamp cooler has a thermostat that allows you to turn it off when you feel the desired temperature has been reached. Let the cooler run for a few minutes to saturate the cooler pads before turning off the fan. A lower setting is usually energy efficient but is not always highly effective in warmer weather.

If you decide a swamp cooler is right for you, call Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning! We can help you install and maintain it!