How Does Sheet Metal Fabrication Work?

Sheet metal fabrication is the process used to skilfully turn a sheet of metal into an end product that can be used to build or maintain machines or structures. It is a highly important service needed in many industries, with applications that can range from acting as key components in your laptop to pipes that keep your air conditioner flowing, your car functioning, and even creating paperclips! There is a broad spectrum of industries that are reliant on sheet metal fabrication, such as automotive repairs, railroads, construction, aerospace, and more. Here at Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning, we’ve been serving Albuquerque for over 50 years, and have the knowledge and skill to deliver the highest quality results for all your sheet metal fabrication needs!

What Is the Fabrication Process?
The sheet metal fabrication needs, per the retailer or contractor, begin with blueprints and finalized drawings of the specific item or parts needed for production. Then comes the material selection—different parts require different materials and need to handle different durability. Here at Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning, we can fabricate custom orders out of your choice of galvanized steel, copper, or aluminum.

Steel: known for its strength and durability

Copper: malleable, erosion-resistant and is electrically conductive

Aluminum: lightweight yet strong, and is good for lower temperatures (cooling and ducts)

Through the use of plasma cutting, our machines use heated gases which conduct electricity, and can cut, bend, shear, and form the sheet metal into the required piece or pieces. Once formed, the final product can be customized through sand blasting, powder coating, painting or more.

After these steps are completed, we ensure the fabricated pieces meet the quality for production use and make sure their dimensions and design are matched to the original blueprint.

At Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer sheet metal fabrication using advanced computerized plasma cutting which enables us to have a fast turnaround for heating and cooling parts such as cooler elbows, flashings, stands, plenums, and ductwork fittings. Our technicians here at Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning have years of expertise in sheet metal fabrication in order to ensure you receive a final product that meets and exceeds your expectations. Contact us today and start your next project with the Albuquerque sheet metal fabrication experts at Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning! (505) 844-2675