Getting Your HVAC System Ready for Fall

It first starts as a simple chill in the early morning, then before you know it—it’s time for fall again, and soon we’ll have to switch over from our cooling systems to our furnaces. Albuquerque can surprisingly bring in some inclement weather, but if your furnace is in working order and you’ve done everything you can to keep up with maintenance, then it will be efficient in keeping you and your family warm all season long! 

Switching over your HVAC system can be easy if you know what you’re doing! Here are some steps you can take to get your HVAC system fall ready:

Invest in a programmable thermostat: Fall time in New Mexico is always a gamble. It can be cool in the morning, hot in the afternoon, and then cool again in the evening. Programmable thermostats fluctuate and can keep your home comfortable over a wider range of temperatures. They can also control both the heating and air conditioning in your home more easily, saving you money in energy costs! 

Clean or replace your air filters: To keep your HVAC systems functioning optimally, it is best to clean if you can, or replace your air filters, especially after a hot summer. Some air filters cannot be cleaned and if you’re unsure whether or not yours can be cleaned, just reach out to us! Changing the filter will help your unit become more efficient, thus lowering your utility costs!

Consider upgrading: If you’re considering upgrading your unit, fall is the perfect time to do so because the bustle of summer has died down. If you’re still using an old unit, speak to a professional such as Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning about how upgrading can lower your monthly utility bills and help you feel comfortable in your home all year long!

Schedule professional maintenance: After you’ve done everything you can to ready your HVAC systems for the fall, or if you’re not comfortable performing some of these tasks yourself, it’s time to hire a professional! To ensure that your system remains in working condition throughout every season, having regularly scheduled tune-ups are a great way to maintain your unit and lengthen its life. 

If you’re switching over from evaporative cooling to your furnace, the professionals at Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning can help. Evaporative cooling entails winterizing your cooler and correctly starting your furnace, something you want to ensure is done properly.Our technicians can help make all the necessary adjustments to your furnace to make sure you’re getting the most out of it this fall and winter, and saving the most money possible.

If you need help saying hello to the cold months by starting up or maintaining your heating system this fall, then schedule an appointment with your Albuquerque heating professionals at Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning today!