How Do I Get My Swamp Cooler Ready for Summer?

Albuquerque summers mean scorching hot days! Will you be turning on your swamp cooler for relief? Instead of firing it up and hoping for the best, here are four things you can do now to make sure your unit stays working all summer long.

1. Check the water tray

This will require removing the panels to get to it. Once you have done that, clean out any debris that might have collected over the winter, and check the tray for holes and cracks. If you find any, you will want to contact your Albuquerque air conditioning technician because it may need to be replaced.

2. Check the tension in the fan belt

There should not be much tension in the fan belt. If it moves more than an inch (or less for some), it is too loose and needs to be tightened. Is it visibly sagging? If so, then the fan belt will need to be replaced. If you are having trouble telling the difference between whether or not it is too loose, call your local HVAC.

3. Lubricate the blower assembly bearing on your unit

The bearing is an important part of your unit, and you want to keep it working properly. You will want to make sure the oil you use is one designed specifically for swamp coolers. If you’re unsure, we encourage you to contact your HVAC technician!

4. Check the cooler pads

If the cooler pads are looking tired and worn out, it is time to replace them with new ones. If they just look dirty, clean them and see how they look afterwards. Your swamp cooler will not work nearly as well with dirty cooler pads as it will with clean ones.

Swamp coolers are an effective and energy-efficient choice for cooling your home here in Albuquerque. If you need help with maintenance and repairs, or are thinking of replacing your old one, contact Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning today!