Factors to Consider before Buying a New Furnace

It may be hot outside but now is the perfect time to be thinking about getting a new furnace! Having a working furnace is crucial for keeping you and your family warm and comfortable when the cold weather hits. Whether you want to install a furnace in your new home or replace the one you’ve had for years, getting the best quality product is important.

Most homeowners have a hard time trying to select the right furnace because of the wide variety of furnaces on the market today. There are different sizes, efficiency levels, and models. Let the Albuquerque HVAC experts at Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning provide you with a few crucial factors to help you select the best system for your home:

Fuel preference

There are three ways to power a furnace: electricity, oil, and gas. You need to identify the power option that best suits your needs in terms of cost and efficiency. If you are interested in a more economical option, a gas furnace is cheaper to run than one run by electricity or oil.

Type of furnace systems

There are various furnace systems on the market today. The most common types are the packaged and split systems. The layout of your home determines what type you should get. For instance, a split system is more appropriate if your house has a spacious basement to store the furnace unit.

The quality and cost of the furnace

Buying a new furnace can be costly. One thing to consider is the kind of efficiency you need and the size of your home. You do not need a big furnace to heat a small house. And, make sure you buy the best quality product from a manufacturer with a good reputation. Don’t compromise on the quality to try to save money.


You should buy a furnace that comes with a quality guarantee from the manufacturer. It’s always good to get a product that offers a warranty, because you never know what might happen, and because a warranty means that the manufacturer stands behind their product.

Keep the above factors in mind when shopping for a new furnace. And besides buying the right product, always ensure that your furnace is installed by qualified experts. Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning can help with furnace repair, replacement, and maintenance.  Contact us today to schedule your service!