Bringing Down Your Energy Bill in the Summer

With the temperatures soaring outside, it’s no secret that we stay cool inside our homes by cranking up the AC. But the increase of using our cooling systems also means an increase in our bills. So, how can we keep cool all summer long while maintaining our energy bills? Here are some tips on how to bring down your bills in the summer, and beat the Albuquerque heat!

Start with a Checkup
When your air conditioning is on and your home just doesn’t feel like it’s getting any cooler, always be sure that your unit is working at its top efficiency! Did you know that clearing out a clogged AC filter alone can save 5% to 15% in energy use? You can read here for tips on how to safely clean your AC unit, but if even after a thorough cleaning your AC is not maintaining the temperature in your home, it may be time to call an Albuquerque HVAC professional.

Fans vs. Air Conditioners
Fans don’t cool the air like air conditioners do, but they help remove body heat from a person by pushing it away, and they use roughly 1/60th of the energy! Use them solely whenever you’re in the room and turn them off when you’re not, or in conjunction with your AC to reduce how low you set your thermostat.

Closing Vents and Doors
In order to help your cooling system work efficiently, closing off vents and doors in rooms that aren’t being used will help the flow of air reach where you want it to! This saves energy by not cooling rooms in your home that no one is in, and still keeping you comfortable.

If you need to schedule an Albuquerque air conditioning cleaning or repair, give our experts a call today at (505) 884- 2675 or for 24/7 emergency heating and cooling services!