Should You Add a Window Unit to Your A/C System?

Central air is a great option for when you need to heat up or cool down your whole house to comfortable temperatures, but when the summer hits, sometimes you’ll find that you only need to really cool down one part of the house—the room you’re in. If you spend most of your time in just part of your house, a window A/C unit might be a great solution to both a growing energy bill and your preference for fine-tuned temperature control. Here are three reasons to consider it:

Window units can save you money

It’s not surprise that a window unit uses up far less energy than a central air system, because they’re not working to cool down your whole house.  But window units are designed to be as efficient as possible in keeping a room-sized space cooled or heated at a far lower price tag than your whole-house system. So raise the thermostat’s temperature in the summer and stay cool in your corner of the house. You’ll only need a fraction of the energy, especially if you pair the unit with your ceiling fan.

You can use the central air system to more efficiently

Most houses with central air don’t just have it to keep the inhabitants comfortable. It’s also there to keep the building structurally sound. Using just a space heater in the winter and letting the rest of your home’s temperatures plummet towards freezing could lead to burst pipes and ice dams. Similarly, using just a window unit in the summer and letting your attic temperature skyrocket could warp your roof and hurt the foundation. Instead, if you set your central air’s thermostat to an appropriate temperature for the season and use the window unit for smaller spaces and adjustments, you can use your system much more efficiently!

Window units reduce wear on your system

Extreme temperatures can be hard on your air conditioning, especially if they have to counteract to keep the whole house at a comfortable room temperature. Using a window unit means you can use your HVAC at more relaxed settings, and that helps the entire system live longer!

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