6 Traits of a Great Cooling Company

Summertime in Albuquerque means spending all your days outdoors soaking up the sun—but when you’re finished with your share of fun, you want to be able to cool down in the comfort of your own home. When your air conditioning becomes vital to that comfort, you’ll want to make sure it’s doing its job. The only way you can be sure is by having it installed and repaired by a trusted heating and cooling company. But how do you know which is the right company to choose for installing and maintaining your AC or swamp cooler?

The best time to choose a cooling company is before you actually need your air conditioner. Right before the summer months hit is the right time to purchase your new air conditioner or get your current one serviced! You’ll need to find and hire an experienced and reliable HVAC company, so take the time to find one that will be there for you from the start, and especially when you need routine checkups or emergency repairs. When you’re doing your research, there are certain things you should be on the lookout for when trying to decide on a cooling company:

  • Established – You’ll want to find a company that’s been in the business for a while. A well established company will have decades of knowledge with skilled contractors and tons of public reviews so that you can compare experiences of previous customers.
  • Emergency services – A great HVAC company knows that some products break down in the middle of winter or summer and you’ll need a quick, yet professional fix. Find a company that offers around-the-clock service for their customers and will be there to help repair your unit in any emergency.
  • Affordable pricing – Affordable pricing is important because new cooling units are an investment and you’ll want a company that isn’t going to jack up the prices for their own extra profit.
  • Reliable products – Having an accessible list of the products and brands a company uses is helpful because it lets you do the research yourself on each individual brand before you choose a company to install that brand and unit. Know what you’re buying into before you buy it.
  • Friendly and perceptive – You want a company that is going to work with you and listen to YOUR needs and help you find the best fit air conditioning unit for your home, situation, and budget. You don’t want a company that is just going to just sell you the most expensive unit just for their own benefit and call it a day.
  • Knowledgeable – Knowledgeable seems pretty common sense, but you want a contractor that actually knows what they are talking about and has had years of experience with different brands, products, and different forms of cooling units.

Your home is your sanctuary, and inside is where you’ll spend a lot of time cooling off during the summer and you want to feel comfortable in it no matter what. Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning is Albuquerque’s certified, trusted, and professional HVAC company that has decades of experience. We provide repair, installation, inspection, and 24/7 emergency service so that you aren’t stuck in a heat wave without your AC. Ensure your cooling unit is in excellent working condition so that you stay cool all summer long without interruption — call Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning today to schedule your appointment or get a quote!