Radiant Heating Maintenance Tips for Better Performance

Radiant heating systems require relatively low maintenance. With just a little effort, your system can be functioning right and warming your home as it should be in no time! You can carry out some simple maintenance tasks yourself to ensure your system does not develop costly problems, or if you need assistance with these tasks or suspect that an issue may be on the horizon, call Albuquerque’s Thompson Heating & Air Conditioning right away!

1. Prepare your boiler for winter

Whatever your boiler type, it will need to be cleaned, as this prepares the heating system. The fuel system on your boiler will also need to be prepared. Fill the tanks with oil and gas boilers.

2. Check for any leaks

Water leaks that may be observed on your boiler or floor should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent them from causing further damage. If the flow is on the floor, simple solutions may work, such as tightening some bolts or removing a worn valve. You may need a technician to check out the leaks if they come from the boiler.

3. Radiators require maintenance

During these cold winter months, some air gets into your radiators. You can use bleeder valves found on each radiator to pass the air out. You should remove the air from your radiators throughout the winter when your home is being heated. If you overlook this maintenance practice, you will experience inefficient heating, and that means increased costs, too.

4. Look out for uneven heat distribution

The heating on any part of the floor of your house should be even when your radiant system is working correctly. If you notice one part of the floor in a room, or in different rooms is colder than another, there could be an issue with the water pumps.

5. Prepare your radiant heating system during the summer

Turn off your radiators when you do not want to heat your house in the summer. Furthermore, make sure your radiators are dust-free and clean.

If you need help with your radiant heating system in Albuquerque, Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning is more than happy to give you a hand! Turn to our experienced technicians and contact us today for all your radiant heating systems needs.