How a New AC Unit Can Save You Money

A new air conditioning installation isn’t just a necessary expenditure—it’s an investment. Choose the right unit for your home, installed by the right team, and you might come out ahead in the long run. Just consider these four ways you might save money over time:

Higher efficiency

The most straightforward advantage of a newer air conditioner is, of course, the potential for a higher level of energy efficiency. The efficiency of newer units truly cannot be compared to older systems, especially if you’re replacing a fairly old air conditioning system. Add in the general loss of efficiency as any HVAC system ages to the differences in technology, and it’s easy to see how keeping an older system around can become more expensive than replacing it outright.

Cleaner air

A new air conditioner with clean vents will produce higher indoor air quality. That, in turn, means you, your family, your pets, and your electronics all get to enjoy the advantages of cleaner air. Given the way poor air quality can lead to illness, degradation of electronics, and a host of other problems, it’s easy to see how the cleaner air of a new system can end up saving you money on health care, missed days of work, and shortened electronics lifespans.

Humidity control

If humidity is a significant factor for your home, an air conditioner is one of the better ways to control the moisture in your home. Before any air conditioner significantly cools a given area, it dehumidifies it—hence all the moisture dripping off the back of a window unit. Since high humidity can contribute to mold growth, pests, water damage, and a host of other problems, it’s easy to understand how an air conditioner keeping those problems in check might save you money in the long term.

More granular control

If you’re currently using a central air system, but don’t need to keep every room in your home equally cool, a new air conditioning system may save you money simply by increasing your control over cooling. Keeping one or two rooms comfortable through the heat of the day is far, far less expensive than cooling your entire home. A system installed with your usage goals in mind is well worth your money if your current system isn’t a good match.

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