Air Conditioning Rebates for Residential Customers

Evaporative Coolers

Advanced evaporative coolers lower air temperature by moving warm, dry air through much thicker pads than old-style evaporative swamp cooler to cool and moisten the air.

  • Get up to $300 on select down-draft or side-draft units with 12-inch rigid cooling pads.
  • Up to $100 on select window-mounted units with rigid cooling pads.

SEER = Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio
EER = Energy Efficiency Ratio
HSPF = Heating Seasonal Performance Factor

Refrigerated Air Conditioners

This option uses a refrigerant and is designed to change the air temperature and humidity.

$25on an ENERGY STAR®-qualified room air conditioner
Split Central ACPackaged Central AC
CEE Tier 1$200SEER 15 and EER 12.5SEER 15 and EER 12
CEE Tier 2$300SEER 16 and EER 13SEER 16 and EER 12
CEE Tier 3$600SEER 18 and EER 13N/A

Heat Pumps

This technology uses the outside ambient air to more efficiently cool and heat your home year-round.

Heat Plump SplitHeat Pump Packaged
CEE Tier 1$200SEER 15, EER 12.5, HSPF 8.5SEER 15, EER 12, HSPF 8.2
CEE Tier 2$300SEER 16, EER 13, HSPF 9.0SEER 16, EER 12, HSPF 8.2
CEE Tier 3$600SEER 18, EER 13, HSPF 10N/A